by Skygazer

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The debut self titled album from Australian band, Skygazer.


released July 23, 2013

All music and lyrics written and recorded by Skygazer.

Skygazer is Daniel Mazzarol and Perry De Gennaro

Drums and Percussion - Perry De Gennaro
Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Keyboards - Daniel Mazzarol

Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Mazzarol at Amusia Studio

Album cover photography by Jake Gonzales

Special thanks to everyone who helped along the way and ears in general. Without them, what we do is fairly pointless.



all rights reserved


Skygazer Perth, Australia

Skygazer is a progressive rock band from Perth, Western Australia.

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Track Name: Amiss
The noise from outside
Runs hard like the river

The light burns my eyes
It stops me from dreaming

My heart makes a sound
Run out through the front door.

Yet, l feel ok

Yet I'm back on my own, again.
Wrapped up in darkness

I sit on my own
My mind's at fast pace

When will we be, again?
I'm wrapped up in darkness

Yet, I feel ok
Track Name: Faces
Look inside, find the moments
Those hands around your neck

The blood inside, produce a smile
There's life on the line

Faces in the walls
Spilling out
Faces, idle stare
Come about
And they can't hear me

Grit the teeth, an idle stare
These lies within the heart

Open up, scowl and withered
Swallow and forget

Faces in the wall
Ringing true
And they can't hear me.
Track Name: Painted White
Lying there
Side of the road
Mouth agape, dying slow

Where's your god in this?
Back in that church, you missed?
I bet forever takes awhile

On my nightly shifts
Passing by it hits
As the life drains from your eyes

Open eyes

Painted white

Why'd a god do this?
This ain't a dying wish
Now, I'm left crying by the road
Track Name: Polarize
Here i am awaiting
When suddenly disconnect feeling
Trying to find the words
Locked away

All you feel
All you know

You can wait

Blow out the candle
Extinguish my delusions
It's hard, finding the time to
Feel alone
Track Name: Above You
Vapour trails into the lungs
The cold cuts into you
Shake off that premise
As this is the way we live?

Above You
Blissful lover
I'll lie to the stars for you

Light a fire to keep us warm
This cold feeds right into our bones
You pull me close to feel your skin
So an electric between us flows
You say, are we are above it all
Drifting and floating
These lines are hard under my eyes
I feel below you.
Track Name: Into The Sky
Feel the warmth
Upon your face

A skin deep meaning
Warm embrace

Connecting hands
Distended space

An undertone
Of love in place

You and I
Singing songs together
Reaching out
High into the sky

Drink this wine
And sink down low

Your passing smile
Ceaseless flow

Still day
Beneath the sun

Please don't leave
A darkness comes
Track Name: Half Asleep
Come along now
Dive right in

Blind, unseen
Worlds apart

Selling the seeds
Clutching tight

Take the hand and don't let go

Come along now
Stretching, vacantly

Far, unfelt
Upon their ageing faces

Such beautiful words
Burn internally

Take the hand and don't let go

Half Asleep, my minds eye blind in me
Half Asleep, my lies laid internally

Come along now
See right through

Follow the words
A mirrors reflection

Such a dangerous mind
Feeding forceful notions

Take the hand and don't let go

Stay close to me
(Waiting to, never be a afraid)
Hoping to disappear